Polony showcases a meaty blend of furniture and jewellery design peppered amongst a lavish spread of ceramic, textile and illustration work.

Polony is the Western Australian word for Devon or luncheon meat, mystery meat; a thing of delicious suspicion. What goes into it is an inspired mystery, but what comes out is meaty nostalgia. The Polony project is a collaboration between creative labels Min Pin and Horse On Toast and was born out of a long friendship full of intriguing stories and inscrutable details. 

Polony explores themes of friendship, memory, femininity, and mutual influence. Here the macro elements of memory are processed; presenting the expanded inner world of best friends and the power objects hold in the experience of shared history. New objects represent old; details hint at converging/diverging stories of class, education, fiction, fun, nutrition, mental health, and the growth into functional adulthood. Smaller items like ceramics and jewellery explore the micro elements of memory and represent a re-convergence; a future-hopeful distillation of elements into pure and precious forms.

Shared memories remembered differently, moments not shared but experienced in parallel, and minor inscrutable details with the ability to trigger mutual recollection are all explored through the filter of our adult creative practices. Polony wishes to give the audience a sense of untraceable familiarity, warmth, and misplaced knowledge through drawings, jewellery, furniture, textiles and ceramics. Ultimately the work explores the convergence, divergence, and re-convergence of two lives and art through time and space.