UFO (Unidentified Found Objects) WALL HANGING

Tutankhamun's iron dagger closely correlates with meteoric composition, including homogeneity. Originally discovered in 1925 in Tutankhamun's 14th C. BCE King's Valley tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter, the iron dagger is of meteorite origin.

Nineteen objects were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun, including a set of blades which appear very similar to those used in the Egyptian opening of the mouth ceremony. These blades are also intricately linked to iron and stars, being described in temple inventories as composed of iron and were themselves frequently referred to as the stars.

New fabric wall hanging! Designed and handmade in Melbourne by Min Pin.

Fabric digitally printed in Melbourne onto heavy, crisp white Panama canvas.

Includes wooden rod and silk cord hanger.

From fabric top to bottom, wall hanging is around 44cm high and 32cm in width.

Comes specially packaged!

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